Activision confirms Black Ops Cold War PC will require up to 250GB of storage space

Or 50GB if you just want to play multiplayer

Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will require up to 250GB of storage space at launch on PC.


That’s for users looking to run the game at the highest possible spec, with 4K textures and ray tracing enabled. Otherwise the game will require 175GB for all game modes, or 50GB for those who just want to play multiplayer.

The figures are in parity with the previous Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare, which also required 175GB at launch on PC, but eventually ballooned to over 250GB after a number of updates.

On console, Modern Warfare weighed in at around 120GB at launch but grew closer to 200GB as its updates accumulated.

Modern Warfare production director Paul Haile apologised for the situation earlier this year and said developer Infinity Ward was “constantly trying to fight back against both download size and disk footprint”.


It’s possible that Black Ops Cold War could be a lot closer to its PC size on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, as the consoles will be able to use that version’s highest-quality assets.

PlayStation 5 will reportedly reserve around 20 percent of its 825GB internal SSD storage for operating functions, leaving around 664GB usable for software. This closely matches the some 200GB share Xbox Series X reserves of its 1TB SSD for OS functions.

Sony has said PS5 will offer players more flexibility on how they manage their storage on the console, with users able to configure installations and choose to install just a game’s multiplayer or delete the single-player campaign once completed.

Black Ops Cold War will be integrated into free-to-play shooter Warzone when its first content season launches in December, Activision confirmed today.