Welcome to the VGC community!

Our objective at VGC is to foster an inclusive, informative and overall, fun community where the most dedicated video game fans can come together to discuss the latest industry news, without the more negative elements of social media spoiling the conversation.

That means our moderators will be enforcing strict rules around comments that we don’t feel are conducive to a positive discussion and will be deleting any posts that breach our community rules – and banning repeat offenders.

In short, be respectful of our community and try to discuss topics in a positive, informative and polite manner. We want to grow VGC into a strong community for the games industry and you can help make it happen.

The VGC Community Code of Conduct

1 – Be respectful of other users

This is the most important rule. We encourage intelligent debate on VGC – everyone is perfectly entitled to their opinion – but personal insults, attacks and general rudeness will not be tolerated.

2 – No trolling (including deliberate platform baiting)

Posts that deliberately go out to incite a response and pull threads off topic are not allowed and will be deleted / acted upon. This especially includes platform wars: VGC covers every gaming platform and while intelligent debate over the merits of each is welcome, childish bickering is not.

3 – No discrimination

Any form of discrimination – sexism, racism or any harassment based on race, religion, gender or other – will not be tolerated on VGC.

4 – No inappropriate content

Sharing any explicit content, promotional spam or anything that encourages illegal activities will get your account banned.

5 – Be constructive

We welcome constructive feedback on our articles, but complaining about our editorial policy, review scores or choice of angle is rarely constructive.

6 – Have fun

Please do have fun on VGC. The internet can be full of negativity, and the gaming community especially, so let’s make our community a haven for entertaining, informative and inclusive discussion around video games.